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Launching now: Quilt collection

Quilts have always made me smile. Their practicality combined with their unique personalities make them fun and versatile both in form and function. Quilting can be quite an intricate process, but the intricate textures, patterns, colors and nuances of the finished product make all of that effort worth it. And in the end all of that effort and hard work becomes a pronounced element of the quilt’s aesthetic. I suppose that’s part of their charm: you know that the crafting of the quilt was a very personal process. 
Naturally, I’ve been excited to experience this process first hand for a long time, and am thrilled to finally have had the opportunity to do so! Our new quilt mini-collection features several quilt designs and textures, all hand dyed and/or hand painted, some 100% cotton, while some are 100% linen or a combination of cotton and linen. These quilts are primarily made with fabrics in the studio that come from blanket/pillow design experiments and other experiments in the studio. This helps us come closer to our goals of sustainability and finding ways to creatively use all of the materials available. 
Each of these quilts is the result of a careful process. I began by experimenting with different textures, dyes and paints. From there it was about capturing an aesthetic that both conveyed a natural tone and a hand made feel. Fabric choice was also important, as I wanted the quilts to have some weight to them while also feeling very soft to the touch. 
The quilts in this collection are all one of a kind, and as such I view them not only as practical and comfortable, but also as individual works of art—expressions both of my passion for the work and of the individual nuances and idiosyncrasies of the paints and dyes and fabrics. These qualities are what give each of these quilts their unique flavor and personality. 
I am beyond excited to be launching this mini collection and I hope you will enjoy having these quilts as much as I have enjoyed making them! Hang them on your wall, drape them over your bed or spread them out over the sofa; whatever you do, I hope you smile—as I do—at the little quirks that make these quilts so distinct, just as we all are.
To see the quilts for yourself, feel free to explore the mini collection here.